Anyone Can Be An Seo Expert

There are a few things that you can do that rarely change when it comes to SEO. If you consistently do these things you will notice a good rise in your SE rankings. The two most important things you can do are having a title tag and description tag on each individual page and to make them unique for each page. This means you should not use the same title and description for every page on your site.

The Meta keyword tags used to be important but any SEO expert will now tell you that they do not matter. It is not a bad idea to go ahead and include the keyword Meta tag into your code though. Just do not over do it, include your main keyword and a few other good relevant keywords.

Another thing you can do that will help your site out and aid in avoiding the outsource of an SEO expert is to use bold and underline tags in the main body of each page. The idea behind this is that you are showing the SE spiders that these words are more important and they should hold more weight than other words. Do not overdo it but use a couple bold tags and an underline tag once or twice in each page for your main keywords.

Develop a good linking strategy and go by it. We all know that obtaining quality links to your site is important but many people do not take enough action. Find quality relevant websites and ask for a link exchange. Create a schedule that you can stick with and do not steer away from it. Try to mix your linking techniques with reciprocal, triangular and one way. It is always better to have a mixture of them all than a lot of one in particular.

If you want to invest a lot of hard earned money in a SEO expert go ahead but think about a few things before you do. If this person is such a guru why are they not making millions of dollars with their personal websites? If all of the little things that these experts know is so important then why are there so many successful websites out there built by those of us just doing the basic things stated above?

I have been seeing great results from the SE’s just by doing these basic things and I have never outsourced an SEO expert.