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Search engine optimization is shrouded in mystery although it is much easier than many people believe. They are many tips, tricks, and techniques however many of them are black hat seo strategies.

The secret to optimizing your website for the search engines standards is to simply provide them with what they want. Search engines want good quality content.

Quality content is what the search engines are all about and it’s the integral part of the formula and algorithm they use to determine relevancy and rank of search engine content.

Article marketing is the most proven white hat (ethical and legitimate) seo techniques because it provides the search engines with the quality content they want.

Are you not exactly familiar with article marketing?

If you are not familiar with article marketing, you may be thinking I’m advising you to write editorials and submit them to newspapers or periodical publications. That’s not at all what I’m talking about.

Here’s how article marketing works and how it gets your website indexed into search engines and quickly:

Step 1:

The first step is to find keywords. You will need to find keywords based on your sites’ subject of interest. For example, if your website sells toy trains, you would need to find keywords about toy trains. I suggest using seobook. They’re free and simple to use. In the case above, you would go to seobook and input a broad keyword phrase such as toy trains. Once you click the search button, seobook will populate a list keyword phrases.

F.Y.I You are finding keywords that you would like your website to appear under in search engines when searches type in the keyword phrase.

Step 2:

Once you have chosen your keywords, you need to begin writing your articles. Your articles must not be written directly about your product, service, or website. They need to be about the broad subject.

Step 3: After you’ve written your article(s) you need to submit them to article directories. When you submit your article to article directories, you will be given a an opportunity to place an anchor texted backlink in your author bio / resource box. This is where the seo benefits kick in. The anchor texted backlink lets search engines know what keyword phrase you’d like your website to appear in the search engines for.

If you’re not familiar with an anchor texted backlink, it’s simply a link with a targeted keyword phrase as opposed to simply typing click here. Google this if you’re still unsure or refer to my author bio box below.

I will warn and advise you to use an article submission service such as article marketing overdrive. The article submission process is very long and boring work, but once it’s finished the results are amazing.

If you’re going to go at it alone and you’d prefer to handle the submission process your self, be sure you submit each of your articles to at least 100 � 200 article directories. I also suggest a weekly submission of at least 10 new articles per week. The old saying that too much of something is a bad thing is not the case with article marketing. You need to have as many articles submitted to as many article directories as possible and you need to ensure you have a strong frequency and do it often.

Do not submit one article to just a couple of article directories. This doesn’t provide you with long standing seo benefits.

I hope this search engine optimization tips article has provided you with some benefit and understanding of what many internet marketers believe to be the best ethical seo technique.